Introducing the auto-tour – autonomous vehicle sightseeing

January 26th, 2018

by Alex Bainbridge

If you follow technology news you will have heard about autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars. However we haven’t discussed the impact of autonomous vehicles on local tourism yet, either on this blog or more generally within the travel industry.

I started speaking in public about this topic at World Travel Market 2017 but no one else seems to be, apart from Uber.

Vehicle transport is a foundation layer service within the travel industry and includes airport transfers, car hire, city taxis and vehicle based sightseeing. As such, the impact of moving from human driven to fully autonomous vehicles will be felt widely in destinations.

To set the record, I have put together my high level thoughts about the impact of autonomous vehicles in the white paper available below:

The white paper introduces the concept of an auto-tour – a sightseeing tour taken in an autonomous vehicle. This is technology that I am working on now and delighted to talk to partners, investors and destinations about what this practically means.

 Autonomous vehicles & auto-tours: What is an auto-tour and how will autonomous vehicles impact tours, attractions & cities?

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Image: Google

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