PhocusWire: Will sightseeing buses be first to globally scale with autonomous vehicles?

June 18th, 2019

Alex Bainbridge

Last week I wrote a guest article on Phocuswire about autonomous vehicle timelines, specifically whether sightseeing use cases will happen ahead of robo-taxis:

The article covered six primary justifications for why autonomous vehicle sightseeing is coming soon, certainly ahead of robo-taxis:

  • Business models
  • The benefit of positive social media
  • Autonomous vehicle tech timelines
  • Minimum viable scale
  • Per trip vehicle cleaning
  • Global rollout

I won’t republish the entire article here, but do go and read the full article on PhocusWire

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Normal DestinationCTO blogging resuming after this off-site guest post diversion 😉

Image: Flickr: Phil Parker

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