PhocusWire: Big Tech is eyeing the travel industry again with autonomous vehicle push

October 21st, 2020

Alex Bainbridge

Last week Waymo (Google / Alphabet) went commercially live with their robotaxi service, without safety drivers.

This is a significant milestone and one that should be a wake up call for all vehicle based sightseeing operators, and airport transfer companies.

I took the opportunity to summarise where we are at with autonomous vehicles and how Big Tech (Google, Amazon, Apple, Baidu etc) are getting involved.

Rather than repeating the entire article here, go and read the full article via PhocusWire…..

To get a sense where we are, here is a 15 minute video (not the same one as the PhocusWire article), showing how EXCITED people are going to be in a self driving car….. NOW add a sightseeing layer on top for the delivery of personalised experiences…..

Read the full article via PhocusWire…..

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Photo: to the future by Solveig Osk (CC BY 2.0) (Source)

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